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Image by Ant Rozetsky

Industrial Cleaning Services

From shipping docks to manufacturing facilities, we like to work with our customers to determine the appropriate cleaning solutions that meet their needs. 

These services will be determined upon review which will require an on-site survey.  We like to customize our services to meet the requirements of each one of our clients.  For further questions on our industrial cleaning solutions, please contact us to schedule a call and or a meeting.  

Freight Shipping Docks

Dock floors are dusted and blown with a leaf blower to remove all unwanted dust and debris from last nights shift.  Trash is emptied at each stall and placed into the dumpster.  Offices, if applicable, are cleaned with the same scope of work offered in our General Cleaning Services including, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, trash removal, etc... 

Manufacturing Warehouse Cleaning

Similar to the above service, all flooring will be dusted and blown with a leaf blower to remove all unwanted dust and debris.  All office areas and bathrooms will be deep cleaned including buffing of any hard floor surfaces using appropriate disinfectant solutions. 

Other Services

For any jobs not listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss your inquiry.  We like to make all jobs work out would like to work with our clients to determine the best possible solutions. 

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