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Specialty Cleaning Services 

Frequently utilized by most of our current customers, this service has been essential to success on many occasions.  We like to offer specialty services to ongoing contracts that will provide efficient cleaning services as listed below.  

For new customers, please send us an inquiry of the specific services you would like and we can work through and determine if we are able to provide you with these services.  Please feel free to ask about services that may not be listed below.  

Carpet Cleaning

Areas will be surveyed on-site, to determine an accurate quote for your carpet cleaning needs.  Carpets will be spot cleaned, washed, conditioned and dried leaving your carpets looking new and healthy. 

Apartment Turn-Overs

This service provides a full apartment deep clean for all move-outs and move-in. All rooms, along with hard floor surfaces, will be deep cleaned with the appropriate disinfectant solutions. 

Apartment Spiff Clean

For those looking to spiff up their apartments, we provide a service that allows us to come in and clean your spaces including vacuuming, mopping, and hard surface cleaning, etc...  

Hard Floor Buffing

All requested areas will be buffed with the appropriate pads and disinfectant solutions and mopped dry, leaving your floors refreshed.  This service is good for the transitioning of seasons, when areas tend to bring in more dirt and debris, causing the floors to look groggy and blemished. 

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