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Janitorial Solutions 

Discover the versatility of our services and experience a cleaner, healthier, and more productive workspace.

cleaning services in milwaukee, wi.

At our core, we're more than just a cleaning company, we're your partners in success. Our Milwaukee-based team is dedicated to transforming your workplace and providing janitorial services that meet your needs. 

ND Cleaning of Milwaukee offers janitorial services for commercial, industrial, and construction projects of all sizes. If your business is due for a refreshment or simply in need of cleaning services you can trust, ND Cleaning is the right choice. 

Commercial Cleaning services

From offices to commercial spaces, ND maintains cleanliness and hygienic environments through comprehensive cleaning solutions. 

Cleaner dusing an office table

General Services

Comprehensive routine cleaning services.

Clean office space

Deep Cleaning 

Thorough cleaning, reaching every corner.

Event space cleaning

Event Space Cleanup

Swift restoration after events. 


move-in/Move out services

Hassle-free relocation cleaning. 

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Construction Cleaning Services

Elevate your project's appeal with our Construction Cleaning services, where every detail is refined for a flawless finish. 

Construction site cleaning

Rough Debris Removal

Clearing construction debris for a safer site.

Final interior construction cleaning

Final Interior 

Preparing interiors for occupancy.

Exterior, post construction clean up

exterior cleanup

Polishing exteriors for a pristine appearance.

Post construction clean up services


Ensuring a healthy environment beyond.

Industrial Cleaning services

Experience enhanced productivity and a safer environment with our specialized services, meticulously designed to elevate your operational efficiency. 

Heavy machinery being cleaned

Heavy Machiniery

Extending equipment life through detailed cleaning.

warehouse floor being cleaned

warehouse floor

Creating safe and tidy floors in warehouses.

High reach dusting using a lift

high-reach dusting

Enhancing air quality by reaching high surfaces.

Routine industrial cleaning

Routine Cleaning

Meeting industry standards through precise sanitization.

choose quality cleaning

Let's discuss your commercial cleaning needs and create a customized solution together. 

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